Keep a eye out for upcoming events 😀 We always welcome visitors...

Want to be part of our upcoming events? 😀

Be the first to know whats happening and you are welcome to come join us reach out!! 😀 All sorts of events coming up in the near future!! 😀

You are welcome to join us at the moment on our soup kitchen reach out program.
Cosmos outreach program where we visit the elderly and spend time with them, pray for them, sing with them. Cosmos old age home in vandyk park. we do this every 2nd Sunday from 2:30pm to whenever it ends. usually around 4/4:30.

We are looking for the young at heart to reach out with us on a Sunday morning in the streets! Holding banners, sticking stickers! Jesus shirts and just getting Jesus out there to those who do not attend church!

We are looking for strong individuals who has Christ as there solid foundation to help us out with our xxx ministry! Contact for more details.

Contact us now for more information 😀