The Safe House 😀

Other than Christ being preached! This is our 2nd most important focus.

God has given us the how but not the where yet! We will be purchasing a property of at least 100/200 hectares as soon as God provides! We will be building safe houses! Conference Centers! Many more things! Everything will be self maintained so there will be solar power, There will be vegetable gardens, there will be live stock, There will be everything there needs to be that the only thing that will need to be paid on the farm is rates and tax’s! We want enough space that we can host 1 million people easily! We want conference centers and mini apartments so churches and Christians from all over the world can come for free!! workshops, factories where we can train and equip people!

Our safe Houses are meant for the lost, the poor, the broken, those who need to break away, the prisoners that come out from prison, the prostitutes, the left for dead, all those who God lead us too! They will be build with total love and we will take in all kinds of people into them where they will be shown Christ and love! where they can experience a normal life! Where they can be trained and equipped in whatever trade they want whether it be IT, Marketing, Wood work, Music, whatever it may be!!! We will show them and provide for them the necessary so they can be equipped for the real world! We will keep individuals there anywhere from a month to a year and we believe in this time Christ will help them, He will change them! They will then be going out back into the world and we wont send them empty handed! God will help us find jobs for them! He will provide! They will go out testifying to the world about Jesus Christ and the great things he has done for them, Got them out of prostitution! Helped them to stop abusing! Whatever it may be!

There will be church service daily where everyone will be a part! Everyone will have their duties on the farm, everyone will have there workshop they must attend Mon-Sat. There will be Bible study groups! Addiction groups! Restoration Groups! Groups for children, for the eldery! Whatever you can think of there will be!

Our mission is to take them in as they are, show them who Jesus really is! Jesus will do the heart changing! Then we will equip them and send them out into the world again and take in the next struggling soul and the process will continue! We will see our stats of SA change for the good! rape,murder, all these things are going to drop!! Individuals/families will go out with fire and passion in them zealous for good works for the Lord! We are going to start with 20 double story safe houses so will be 40 in total! Just basic living houses almost like a bachelor flat, there will be communal bathrooms and communal kitchens. The plan is already there! We are looking to have 1000s of these safe houses on the farm! We believe firmly in what God has told us and we will get there! FAITH! FAITH! FAITH!

This is just a little bit of our safe house story! We cannot wait for it to get going! Please pray for us! As soon as God provides! We will be going ahead! Jesus loves you all!!!

Each room is 3x3m